Are University Students able to go into business?

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Are University Students able to go into business?

According to a report in the press, some second-year and third-year students opened small shops near their university to start a business. Their teachers and classmates had opposing reactions to their decision. While some believe that they will be able to compete in the future, others feel that it could hinder their academic pursuit. My view is that university students shouldn’t jump into business without adequate preparation.

First, it is possible that university students won’t be able run a shop without having the necessary knowledge and experience. It is difficult and challenging to run a business. Because running a shop is different from selling your belongings at the flea market or other businesses, it requires careful planning and consideration. It is important to identify the needs of our customers, stock the goods and advertise the shop. We also need to keep track of accounts. To be successful, you must have some knowledge of financial and marketing, negotiation skills, and sales skills. It is foolish to start a business if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or skills.

Second, students at university are often unable to afford to lose because of their limited financial resources. It is clear that business is fraught with risks due to unpredictable changes and fierce competition. Few businessmen are able to make it Don Caprio Coolest gadgets gift ideas for university students all the time. This is true for campus shops. Customers are not always likely to be interested in our products, and there are many other options. You can find one within a few hundred meters of any bookshop, salon, restaurant or laundry. A shop that is just opening is unlikely to survive or thrive without significant capital or specialized knowledge. It is therefore unwise to invest if you don’t have the financial resources.

It is very difficult for students at universities to find the right balance between business and learning. A shop owner is not like a tutor or guide who work part-time. It requires a lot of hard work and long hours. It can be physically and mentally exhausting to look after a shop and attend to customers. Due to the amount of time and energy required to run a shop, it is easy to get burnt out and not be able to do well in school.

Although it is true that running a shop can give university students valuable work experience, it also helps them to adapt to the business world. It is, however, complicated, risky and exhausting as we can see from the above analysis. As the old saying goes “Look before you leap”, I recommend that we think twice about starting a business, especially if we aren’t financially, academically, or psychologically prepared.